Monday, 26 November 2007

Some might call me slack...

I've finally gotten around to updating this thing - it's been something that I haven't been putting off but also something I've not made an effort for. Might have to ask myself if I'll continue to do so.

But I've been enjoying myself immensely - lots of drink, women (well, not lots but some), fun and sunshine. Been to Melbourne (copious amounts of booze and very little sleep) and Canberra (in a day for work so not fun). Planning on going to Rottnest Island in a few weeks and a trip to Kalgoorlie is on the cards in the early New Year.

Finally got round to buying my ticket home for a couple of weeks at the end of Feb/beginning of March - everyone make a note - I'll be back in Wales on the 22nd of Feb!!! I'll be sorting out exactly what I'll be up to in the next couple of weeks and then let you know so I can try and catch up with you all.

Apparently it's Christmas coming up soon which really hard to get your head round when it's starting to get above 30 most days and the sun is shining hard... Still, I'm sure I'll cope just need to remember to post the cards back home in the next few days.

Paul, my old housemate from Beckhampton Road in Bath has just been over too. Was really good seeing him and we certainly had a blast for two weeks. Got drunk, saw some sights, got drunk again and chilled. One good day was his last on Saturday when we went to Perth races and had a cool afternoon and then watched Thirsty Merc straight afterwards. Pretty nice indeed. In fact, we kind of started his stay with a gig and ended it with one - Muse was on the 10th November and that was one of the best gigs I've seen. They were so fucking great it's hard to describe. Anyone who's seen them will understand!

It was also my little cousin Rhys' 1st birthday on the 13th November and the little bugger's growing up fast. Walking, shouting and eating sand. All in the day of a 1 year old! I'm going to be posting some pics up of him and Paul's stay on Facebook and then add the link to here. In the mean time here's a link to my photos from my trip to Melbourne -

That's all for now - hope you are all really well and I miss you all - well, some of you, and only slightly...

ps my cousin James has done the honourable thing and proposed to his girlfriend Nicola and she's said yes! Well done Chesh!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

It's been a while...

"The Chariot is destined for the scrapyard" - Telegraph 15/09/2007. Got to be one of the best lines I've read in a paper in a long time. Anyway, enough of that. I've been a bit lax on the whole communication front so I apologise for that. Although, those of you on Facebook have probably been alright in keeping in touch - as for the rest of you... I'll try harder. I think the lack of updates is very much correlated with how well I'm settling in over here. Met a bunch of great people and work is looking promising (even if it is very slow at the moment) so I've done well to be working for them. Not sure how long the Perth gig will last though - current thoughts are another 15 months and have a major reassesment then but who know what will happen in the meantime. I'm back in Blighty for 2 weeks in March, well, that's not strictly true as I'm spending 4 nights in Rome/Venice (one or both) with the family for my parent's 30th anniversary which doesn't leave me much time to catch up with a lot of you. The Cwmbran lot - I'll be around on various days, not sure when though but I'll work it out once Italy is booked. Bath/Bristol will be getting a visit the weekend of the 8th and I'm planning on being in London from the 13th (ish) as I fly back to Perth on the 15th. I land in Perth at 2am on the Monday and I'm planning on being at the 9am staff meeting... should be fun! My travels don't stop there as the following Saturday, the 22nd, friends of mine are getting married in Broome at the top of WA so that should be a cracker of a weekend as well! I'm hoping to catch as many of you as I can during the short space of time so I apologise in advance if I don't see you! Speaking of trips, off to Melbourne in 2 weeks for a long weekend with my mate Tim (it sounds a very gay trip I know but I assure you it isn't) which should be full of booze and enjoying the Melbourne nightlife. Aiming to blitz down the Great Ocean Road for a day as well so expect some good pics! This is turning into a lengthy update so I best warn you now that there's still a bit to go... Been to see a few gigs recently - most notable were Maximo Park last month and Snow Patrol last Saturday. Both gigs were stunning. Very impressed by both for different reasons. Klaxons and Muse are my biggest coming up in the next 6 weeks, both of which promise to be very good indeed! I've annoyingly met this really cool chick as well who weirdly really likes me too but it's never going to work. Situation far too complicated to go into here as to why it won't and it's starting to mess a little with my head so I should probably just walk away. Will I though? Hmmm... Actually, there wasn't much more to say... mainly because I'm bored of typing and conscious that most of you have fallen asleep by now. So until next time kids!! (Which should be a lot more regular than of late)

Monday, 10 September 2007

I am still alive!

Ok, been rubbish but I've been busy. I am still alive and would like to congratulate Claire and Ewan for the birth of their baby boy Jamie (not James as I previously wrote!), and Michelle and Gaz for their baby boy Oliver!! Will get back to you all with a proper update soon but my sleep is limited what with trying to catch as much rugby as possible!! See you all on the flip side...

Tuesday, 7 August 2007